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Finance Lease Automation for all Leasing Schemes

The best Lease Accounting Software choice to manage Finance Lease in accordance with PSAK 73 and IFRS 16 automatically, easily and quickly.


PSAK 73 & IFRS 16 Compliance

01. Automatic

LEASEE offer automation to manage Lease Schedule, Accounting Journal, Summary Reportand Aging Report. With LEASEE, every lessee can save time and effort in performing laborious, time-consuming and high-risk accounting processes for errors.

02. Adaptive

LEASEE is able to customize the Lease Contract according to the needs of each lessee. LEASEE can easily make Change in Contract, Early & Ending Termination, Perform Stepping Rateand set other parameters according to the needs and applicable contracts. LEASEE's adaptive capabilities ensure that lessees can meet the requirements of PSAK 73 or IFRS 16 requirements more quickly and easily.

03. Compatible

Leasee can integrated with various accounting systems and ERP SYSTEMS systems. Lessees can easily export Leasee's journals and incorporate them into their accounting or ERP systems. Leasee is also able to process and export lease contracts contracts in various file formats, such as CSV, Excelor PDF. This advantage makes it easier for lessees to adapt to the accounting system they use.

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Get the opportunity to Trial LEASEE right now and enjoy its features that can help you manage leasing contracts easily, quickly and automatically. With automated features such as Lease Schedule, Journal, Aging Report, Change in Contract, Termination and many more, LEASEE can help optimize your business efficiency. Don't hesitate to try LEASEE now and discover how LEASEE can help transform the way you manage leasing contracts.



With our innovative features, you can save time and money, improve the accuracy of accounting records in accordance with PSAK 73 and IFRS 16 and increase the productivity of your team. From automated lease calculations to integrated reports, we have everything you need to manage your leases easily and efficiently.


Discover these amazing Leasee features and how they can help you achieve your financial goals easily and quickly.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We are fully committed to providing the best customer experience LEASEE customers and are ready to help resolve issues quickly and easily.
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“Easy to use application, speed up work”

Sandi Lesmana

General Accounting at PT Sunstream Indonesia

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